Monday, April 13, 2009

Art Deco Festival 2009 Bloopers

In January, I had the privilege of attending this year's Miami Beach Art Deco Festival 2009! I met artist, designers and singers. And while filming our first video, I met with Mr. Blooper! Here is a small preview of my Film at the Art Deco Festival. And don't forget to "accentuate the positive"! Enjoy!

Behind The Scenes:

The first day of the Art Deco Festival was pretty dreary and cold. So being inside the Miami Beach City Hall historic building was nice and cozy. My director couldn't travel with me that day, so I had to ask a dear friend of mine to be our director for the first day of the festival. I haven't seen my friend in years! That day was special for us both.

Historic Building:

The Miami Beach City Hall building was constructed back in 1927. This historic landmark is a Mediterranean Revival design. Recently the building went through a multi-million dollar renovation, which restored the building to its original beauty. Here you can appreciate the embossed print over the golden brown wooden floors.

Photo Fashion Shoot:

The night before the festival, I had my hair done in pin curls and used a non-fragrant hair spray. The next morning, I wore my art deco style dark faux fur hat. I wore a dark gray wool jacket and I added a black thin shiny belt to accentuate my waist. Then I added my black faux fur scarf. For shoes, I wore my beige Mary Janes pumps, which by the way are very comfortable.

Special thanks to the Miami Design Preservation League, for giving us the privilege for filming inside the City Hall Historic building! To be a member of the MDPL or to find out the upcoming events visit: MDPL.ORG

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