Friday, April 29, 2011

Retro News Films: Princess Grace of Monaco & The Duchess of Cambridge Wedding Dress

Today billions of people from around the world witnessed the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middletone. And what a spectacular wedding that was!

Yes, I too was thrilled with anticipation as I was awaiting for the bride to show up in her wedding dress. And finally the big revealed! Catherine looked absolutely breathtaking! There she was this poised, elegant, and unassuming young modern woman wearing a Grace Kelly's vintage inspired wedding dress!

Grace Kelly Princess of Monaco and Her Bridal Party

I was totally blown away with The Duchess of Cambridge classic dress look! I would have thought that she would go with a more modern sleek look, which by the way she eventually did when she changed to her second dress she wore tonight for the reception. She still though kept it in the same princess style look.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised how this young woman appreciates sophistication and simplicity at the same. And although Catherine's dress had similar cut and style like Grace's dress, she made sure to add her own signature look by adding for instance the V and heart shape design to the lace top. And we can't forget the delicate tiara with the veil which completed that perfect princes look!

Grace Kelly the Hollywood star had become Grace Princess of Monaco in April 18, 1956 when she married Rainier III, Prince of Monaco. And like the Royal Wedding back then and the one today both the bride and groom looked a bit tense. But of course who wouldn't be? Give them a break. It was after all their wedding day!

Let's take a look back in time before Grace Kelly became a princess:

Witness Grace's wedding day to her prince:

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