Monday, April 18, 2011

Retro Times Show: Cinderella of Boston

Today in our  Retro Times Show I wanted to feature one of my newest favorites shoe store, and that is Cinderella of Boston! If you are a petite woman like me that have very small feet Cinderella of Boston is the shoe store for you!

Yes, ladies Cinderella Of Boston comes in classic design shoes that will fit you like a glove. Their shoes sizes range from 2 to 51/2. You don't have to any longer look for women shoes at the kids section hoping that they look grown up enough.

Also this shoe store have a variety of retro styles of shoes for any occasion. If you want to go to a casual picnic or perhaps to an afternoon brunch with some friends there is a shoe for you.. And what about that June wedding that you are planning to attend? Well there are several sophisticated styles that will be perfect for an elegant event.

And the best part of this is that these shoes come in different styles, and colors, which will mean that you will rarely find someone else wearing the exact same shoes. Now that is fantastic!

So to all of you petite ladies out there, those tissue stuffing shoe days are over!

Your Hostess,

Carmen Johnson

I introduce to you my very own Cinderella Shoes:

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Carmen's Wardrobe and Accessories:

* Bronze Opera Shoe: Cinderella of Boston

* Nude Fishnet Pantyhose with Black Backseam: Lingerie Diva

Music Background:

Bing In Paris/ Bing Crosby Sing the French Hits. Song: Domino

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