Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Old Time Radio / Variety Shows

Ever since I remembered I always loved listening to radio shows. And now that I am older I find myself listening to more radio shows than ever before. I find that listening to the radio is much more mentally stimulating than watching T.V. At the same time I find it to be a lot of fun, relaxing, interesting, and very creative.

I especially enjoy listening to my the classics radio shows in the evening before I retire to bed. I get a kick out of the comedy shows. What a great way to end the evening with humor and laughter instead of the evening news.

Thanks to the internet and you can now enjoy some great old time radio shows!

 Here is a list of several old radio shows that I am sure you too will enjoy!

Radio Comedy

Radio Drama / Adventure

Radio Science Fiction

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Anonymous said...

Be sure to look for Rocky Fortune, starring Frank Sinatra, from the early 50's (From Here to Eternity must have been a recent film of his, because they manage to work "from here to eternity" into the dialogue in several episodes). He's not really a detective, but ends up helping the police solve crimes. There are always dames involved. :)